Digital Solutions

We have two solutions for the busy compliance professional or executive who needs to keep on top of changing regulation.

Our Compliance Academy portal produces micro-learning modules every time there is a major legislative change in a key gaming jurisdiction. This is available as a free perk for all users of our training services.

The Advennt portal, delivered in partnership with leading law firms around the world, offers more in-depth and on-demand summaries of key legislation, filterable by jurisdiction, product type, risk category and date.

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Giving you a greater insight

The international laws and regulations around online gaming are complex and always changing. Not staying ahead of those changes can mean a lot of business risk, but keeping ahead of them using internal researchers or external advisors can mean a lot of cost. We weren't happy with that situation, so we partnered with Ramparts and their global network of legal firms to collate a digital compliance library tailored to the egaming market.

Take a walk through the process with our step by step guide to the Advennt platform, below:


Step 1: Select a jurisdiction

The comprehensive database covers all of the world's major gaming jurisdictions, with additional states and countries being added regularly. The information on each jurisdiction is contributed and maintained by a local legal firm with specialised gaming expertise, meaning you can trust its accuracy. Future releases will also aim to add cross-jurisdictional comparisons and reporting.

Step 2: browse through the risk categories

Go straight to the area of risk or business intelligence most valuable to you, without trawling through a lot of legalese. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly find information related to:

  • Jurisdictional overview
  • Licensing and regulation
  • Enforcement actions
  • Marketing standards
  • Gambling taxes
  • Government fees
  • Future outlook for the market
Step 3: focus on a product

Egaming is not a single market but an umbrella term for many different kinds of activity, often with different regulatory statuses in different countries. Our platform allows you to focus in on just the information that matter to you, splitting out content into the following product sectors:

  • Betting
  • Bingo
  • Casino games
  • Lottery 
  • Poker
  • Skilled games
  • Software and B2B services
Step 4: personalise alerts

Never miss a beat, with a personalised notifications service. Select the jurisdictional markets, risk categories, and products that matter to you and receive detailed updates whenever a change is made to them. If you have a broader interest or want to review historic changes, you can also review all updates made across the compliance database in a simple timeline, filterable by date and all of the variables listed above. 


Please note that whilst the Advennt Platform content has been prepared by lawyers, it should not be used as a replacement for legal advice.
Always seek legal advice regarding your own situation.
Platform Features
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Digital access

A digital-first product, giving you user-friendly access anytime, anywhere, including from your mobile device.
Filter (dark)


Powerful filters let you get to the information you need quickly and alert you when areas of interest change.
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All content is written and verified by specialist legal firms, not just 'researchers', so you know you can trust it.
Expert (dark)

Expert Access

You get direct access to the experts behind the data if you need further clarification or tailored advice.
Comparison (dark)


Jurisdictional data is in a simple, standardised format with traffic light indicators, allowing quick and easy comparison.


It's not just about what's current. Our timeline feature let's you look back at historic changes to legislation and guidance.

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