Professional Meta

Off-screen success relies on a lot of the same components as in-game. A strong team with specialist skills, pairing the right tactical calls with the right meta-game, is essential. Our esports and business specialists give pros, org owners, tournament operators and endemic startups simple, relevant support when and where they need it most.

For Pro Players

Prize pools are only continuing to grow in the esports sphere. Therefore, strategic planning and structuring for winnings are important for any player who reaches pro level. Whether you want to explore starting a team of your own, engage with a sponsor for streaming revenue or plan for your future, we are here to help.

For Org owners

As esports organisations develop in complexity, they often need to manage multiple game-specific teams, across multiple jurisdictions, with intricate and overlapping sponsorship arrangements. As such, it is more important than ever that org owners plan their ownership structure with protection, stability, and scalability in mind.

For Tournament Operators

We know planning a successful esports tournament goes beyond ensuring stable connectivity and putting on a good show. Managing the prize pools, ensuring local legislation is adhered to and having the right structure in place for ticket sales are just as important for building your reputation.

For Esports Startups

Creating or investing in a new esports business can be daunting, confusing and costly in the long run if you have not had the right guidance at the beginning of your journey. We pair over 30 years of experience in supporting startups and a large international team with specialist knowledge of the industry.

Summary of Services


New business plans, financial projections, structuring, policies and procedures, compliance, banking and more.



For start-ups, expansions, or simply protecting IP and winnings, we set up the most suitable company structures.



Protecting prize pools for tournament operators and competitors, with secure, multi-currency escrow services.



Account set up and migration, bookkeeping, annual statements, reporting, payroll, VAT returns and corporate advice.


Tax Structuring

With orgs, teams, and players making and paying money internationally, don't get caught out on tax compliance. 

personal wealth


Pro players who win big need to protect their wealth for both enjoyment and reinvesting in their career or industry.