Bespoke Solutions

The demands of corporate responsibility never slow down or go away. That is why we created Compliance 365: a flexible solution that provides bespoke support and assurance year-round to help operators both meet their regulatory compliance responsibilities and be able to demonstrate it to regulators.

There is no one size fits all approach to compliance. We know each organisation has its own needs, requirements, goals, and objectives. Our highly experienced team provides tailored compliance consultancy to operators in meeting those needs.

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Compliance 365:
Perpetual Risk Management

We retain the flexibility to provide services bespoke to each organisation, no matter their size, nature of business, or lifecycle stage. Tailored to you from the outset, each package is designed as a fit for purpose solution that aligns with your needs using a four-stage approach:

  • 1: Understand
  • 2: Improve
  • 3: Embed
  • 4: Assess
1: Understand

Step 1: Advisory Support

We provide an advisory function for all of your compliance matters to help you better prepare for your compliance obligations. We discuss your individual requirements and objectives for your compliance processes. Our experts then provide advice and guidance on a wide variety of compliance and regulatory requirements. We also provide an independent sounding board for any high-level queries and ad hoc advice you need. Throughout the process, our experts are on hand to clarify and discuss any issues or questions you may have to ensure you can fully understand your compliance framework.

2: Improve

Step 2: Design and Implementation

Based on identified objectives, we offer a customisable package that meets your needs and moulds to the learning and operational styles of everyone across your business. We design and implement changes through tailored policies and procedures to align with existing systems and processes and create a fit for purpose solution. We take the time to ensure your baseline compliance framework maps to your regulatory requirements and focus on thoroughly integrating compliance into the culture of the business for everyone from board-level down.

3: Embed

Step 3: Training

Embed your compliance framework into the everyday workflow using our dedicated training platform, the Compliance Academy. you can enhance the internal culture and ensure that everyone is involved. Providing training at scale sets the foundation and expectations for individual behaviour across the business. It will also enable greater staff engagement and ensure that your entire workforce is operating to the very latest standards. With our white label platform, you can create an elearning hub that distributes, manages, and reports on compliance training all under your own brand using existing content, so you can rapidly affirm the position of compliance at the heart of your organisation.
4: Assess

Step 4: Regular Health Checks

Our experts continually assess your systems, policies, and procedures throughout the year with regular health checks to ensure peak performance. We provide a fresh pair of eyes to see where you are against regulatory guidelines and examine your state of health for your peace of mind. Our goal is to help you efficiently roll out your new processes and procedures to attain a good level of compliance health and stability that can be easily sustained within your business. We then continue follow-ups to monitor the implemented changes, identify any issues, and develop treatment plans to maintain the high standard throughout the year.


Your Compliance Framework

We recognise that compliance can be a lonely place. It involves a complexity that requires significant time, resources and continuous vigilance to manage. That is where we come in. We act as part of your compliance team and apply a pragmatic solution-oriented approach. Our experts provide a sounding board for advice, so you can rely on our knowledge and expertise for guidance and support. 


Across all jurisdictions, implementing AML measures are a vital part of any organisation as the risks of money laundering and terrorism financing are significant and they can pose a very real threat to your business. At Amber Gaming, we can help implement controls to mitigate these risks. We support you using decades of experience to offer a breadth of AML support, including: 

  • Designing, implementing and reviewing an AML framework to ensure your measures are continually up to date
  • Undertaking tests of the framework to provide assurance and test effectiveness
  • Preparing company compliance and AML policies and procedures
  • Review of your client facing website and back-end platform functionality and reporting
  • Provision of routine monitoring and reconciliation in relation to player protection obligations
  • PEP and sanction screening processes and advice
  • KYC assessments and review processes

Where regulations permit, we can facilitate (through our wider group of regulated entities) the provision of roles of responsibility such as MLROs and DMLROs who will act as the point of contact with regulatory bodies.

Data Protection

In this digital age, data is a vital asset and we understand the importance of protecting both your customers' data and your own. Our in-house data protection practitioners provide ad hoc data protection advice and guidance and draft applicable policies in line with GDPR compliance and current processes, focusing on:

  • Data protection breaches
  • Subject access requests
  • Processor contractual obligations
  • Retention and destruction
  • Data sharing and security
  • Private impact assessments

Where regulations permit, we can facilitate (through our wider group of regulated entities) the provision of DPOs who will act as the point of contact with the regulatory bodies.

Information security consultancy

A regulatory requirement for both UK and Malta licensed operators, ISO 27001:2013 aims to ensure that adequate controls and procedures addressing confidentiality, integrity and availability of information are in place to safeguard the information of your customers, staff and business partners. 

We offer a turnkey solution to help you implement an information security management system framework to meet the regulator's requirements and ensure a satisfactory audit report is submitted in a timely manner. We can perform ISO audit liaison and offer ongoing compliance support to the framework to ensure annual security audits are consistently completed to a high standard. 

Social Responsibility

As members of the gaming industry, we all have a responsibility to protect the vulnerable and problem gamblers. At Amber Gaming, we can help you strike that balance to put player sustainability and responsible gambling in parallel with your business. See sustainable gambling not as a barrier or added burden, but rather as an opportunity to build trust and long-term relationships with customers. 

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"We have built a strong relationship with Amber over several years and appreciate their knowledge and services. They were quickly able to optimise our daily business and now carry out regular 'health checks'. They take their time and always offer the best possible service - we would recommend them."