Identify Risks in the Gaming Industry with this eLearning Platform

20th March 2021

A key element of the Amber Gaming Compliance Academy training platform is the back-office reporting functionality and powerful analytics tools.

To improve your organisation’s performance, feedback is essential. You need to review each individual’s performance in any given training course in granular fashion to manage performance effectively and create actionable steps going forward. As a result, our platform and course content has been developed with built-in, in-depth reporting analytics which allow permitted and authorised persons within the business to assess core areas within each of the key regulatory topics.

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Our analytics suite gives key stakeholders the ability to understand how individuals and the broader team have performed, not just across an entire course but also on particular assessment questions and topics within each course in isolation. This allows the business to ascertain the areas of strengths and weaknesses within the team as a whole and for specific individuals, to facilitate addressing areas of concern and provide further in-depth training where appropriate.

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An excerpt from Tom Collister as he shares his expertise on Compliance Academy 

Tom Collister, Compliance Manager at Amber Gaming, shares “With the ever-changing regulatory landscape, it’s more important than ever for compliance functions and teams within the business to be aware of the latest regulatory requirements and be notified when updates occur. The way in which the Amber Gaming Compliance Academy provides short form content with an easily digestible summary of the changes means that your teams can begin assessing current processes against the new requirements. This in turn encourages an excellent culture of responsibility with staff raising concerns about potential compliance risk.

The detailed analytics provide the ability to pinpoint potential areas of concern or knowledge gaps within the business, allowing you to tailor future training to cover these areas and assist teams in preventing avoidable risks materialising. We are seeing an increased focus on data and analytics being used to drive improvements to marketing campaigns and financial figures. Compliance functions should be looking to imitate the success that data has provided these areas and make best use of the powerful tool that is data to continue to improve the level of compliance within the business.

To me, the most impressive thing is the ease at which this information and analytics are made available within the back end, which is a great tool for proactively identifying and mitigating areas of risk.”

When it comes to proactively spotting where there might be issues, it comes down to being able to see the patterns of responses. Understanding where a team might be struggling – ahead of there being any actual issues – can be invaluable from a compliance perspective. Moreover, knowing how a team has performed on our courses can also inform the training going forward.

Adaptation is very important in eLearning. Understanding how a course can be adapted to better respond to the needs of those taking the courses is vital. This is particularly the case with the regulation of gambling, an area which is constantly in flux. Understanding how team members are responding to changes is vital if costly mistakes are to be avoided.

Our courses, therefore, can provide proactive assurance that your team understands and has evidenced such understanding of the nature of their regulatory compliance responsibilities. This largely comes down to the old saying about mending the roof while the sun is shining, and it has the extra benefit of demonstrating to the regulator that you are proactively working on eliminating mistakes.

The back-office reporting and functionality available with the Amber Gaming Compliance Academy promotes an instilled compliance culture, ensuring that regulatory compliance training is not a tick-box exercise. It is a classic example of showing your work – providing evidence of what you are doing in practice as well as on paper.

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