Anytime Anywhere Learning with the Amber Gaming Compliance Academy

20th February 2021

Learn how the Amber Gaming Compliance Academy provides you and your team with an eLearning culture that adapts with the times.

The opportunity that eLearning offers to provide training in the workplace has always been an invaluable element of our Compliance Academy. Now, however, the collective experience of working from home has moved this process a step further.

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In the gambling compliance field, our training programmes and courses have always been about providing compliance managers and their teams with the means to measure the effectiveness of their systems, processes and individual team member capabilities.

Luke Doherty, Head of Digital Learning at Amber Gaming, shares “All Amber Gaming Compliance Academy eLearning courses are built with its users in mind. That’s why our courses are compatible to any device being used and can be accessed at any time whether you are logging in from the office or working remotely. The platform is also designed to fit into day to day tasks and activities, so the user can easily jump online and complete one of our highly interactive compliance modules in minutes. There is no pressure to exit the module early as progress will be saved and ready to be continued at the user’s convenience.”

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Photo: A snapshot of a course interaction on Compliance Academy

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 We have, and continue to, strive to build the best possible remote platform and an eLearning environment that offers our global partners access in any given jurisdiction. In fact, the widely distributed nature of the global online gambling industry demands such flexibility.

 In the past year, demands have evolved significantly as working from home has become the norm for many. With all the issues that arise from large-scale working from home, our partners have found the Compliance Academy invaluable. The responsive nature of the platform and its built-in reporting functionality means businesses and their stakeholders have been able to provide continuity to their regulatory compliance training requirements whilst also keeping track of progress and results.


The Compliance Academy platform was designed to encourage interaction and promote a business wide compliance culture. As a centralised eLearning hub, it can also be used to host internal policies and procedures whilst also informing teams and individuals of what regulatory changes have come into force to ensure all team members are aware of updated requirements and any associated personal responsibilities and accountabilities.

During the past 12 months regulators within the gambling industry have arguably been even more demanding, ensuring their licensed operators respond appropriately to the pressures caused by widespread lockdowns.

It has put even more responsibility on operators and their compliance departments to respond, absorb changes and ensure everyone in the business is aware of their regulatory requirements – not only quickly, but at a time and pace that suits them for effective learning. The working environment may be remote and global circumstances continue to remain uncertain but in these unusual times, our Compliance Academy training can be relied upon to provide effective eLearning solutions for your regulatory compliance needs and overall governance framework whenever you need it.

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